Today is the LAST DAY to vote!

10 Aug

Hey, you!  Yeah, I’m talking to you.  You are the one who reads this blog and is thinking about participating in the Hey, Man! Let’s Read challenge, but who hasn’t voted on a September genre because you are not planning on doing the first month.

Well, that’s just silly.

To everyone, I say: VOTE!  If you check this blog regularly, VOTE!  If this is your first time here, VOTE!  If you are note sure you’re going to read more than one book with us the entire year, VOTE!  If you’re going to try and read every book, VOTE!

All you have to do to vote is write the name of a book genre you like in a comment and post it here!  If you’re a fan of us on Facebook (and if you’re not, you should be, feel free to vote on our page there by just writing the genre you’d like on our wall.  You could even send us a tweet @heymanletsread, or even email us at  It’s that easy!

Voting for which genre of book we’ll be reading in September is open until 9 pm EST.  Tomorrow, Emily and I will announce which genre was picked, and everyone can start to vote for what books they’d like to read WITHIN that genre.  Need a few days to think about the books?  That’s fine, too.  Voting for books will be open until 9 pm EST on August 20th!


Can’t wait to see these last minute votes!

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