October’s Book Poll!

15 Sep

It’s book choosin’ time, ya’ll!

I’ve counted the votes, and there is one book that each person who voted picked.  Because everyone was so unanimous, I decided that we should go ahead and assign Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams as out first book for October!

Confession: even though I’m a giant book nerd, I have never read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  I know, I know.  Shame on me.  But at least we’ll be rectifying the situation now, won’t we?

We need to pick THREE other books to read for October.  There are a LOT of options this month, but if you’d like my opinion–don’t just vote for books you’ve already read or heard of.  The point is to be challenging yourself by reading NEW things!  I’ll be the first to say that I love love love to re-read books again and again, but it’s time for something different!



Personally, I’m pulling for Dune and Stranger in a Strange Land.  I don’t know much about Dune other than it’s a huge sci-fi staple, but that’s just enough to pique my curiosity.  Heinlein is also a huge name in science fiction, and I just don’t know if we can have a sci-fi month without him!  I wouldn’t mind reading Asimov, either…

I wasn’t sure I was going to be into science fiction month, I have to be honest, but now I am excited about every book on this list!  It’s going to be tough for me to choose!

I don’t want anyone to feel discouraged to pick whatever books they are most interested in simply because I aired my thoughts–everyone gets a chance to be heard and to vote!  You’ll be able to vote for more than one book, and if there is a certain one (or two or three!) you are rooting for, let us all know in the comments!



But!  It’s not science fiction October yet, is it?

I was thinking about A Wrinkle in Time today and remembered a few things about it that I really liked.  The first is that Meg’s faults are something that aid her in her journey, and the second is that old theme of love conquering evil.

The moment Meg was told that her faults were a part of her that could her help, I knew what the book meant: Meg is stubborn, and she has a bad temper.  But in a moment of crisis, she and her family (and Calvin, of course) NEEDED someone just like that.  The awkward, strange girl doesn’t magically turn into a beautiful swan–she just finds a way to use the parts of her she likes least to her advantage.

Obviously, we should all strive to overcome our faults, but it can’t be managed for everything–nobody’s perfect.  I thought the idea of accepting the good and bad in oneself was really great.

I also like that love is the thing that overcame evil.  It kind of hearkened back to our first week and Harry Potter.  The two books were very similar in the idea that someone (or something) that is pure evil cannot possibly have or understanding love for anything–and that lack is their weakness, and their undoing.


And looking into next week…how is everyone doing on A Game of Thrones?  While our first two weeks were easy reads, this is an intense book.  It’s long and it’s challenging.  I’m only a quarter of the way through, personally, and am starting to worry about finishing it.  I know I could manage easily if I didn’t have that pesky job…

Going to try my darndest, though!

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